Covid-19 and Website Updates

An email from the Webmaster…

Hi everyone,

Just to let you all know we have some changes to inform you of:

Covid-19 and Instructors

Instructors are now to be counted in the overall number of capped members allowed to fly in one session. Before, we didn’t count them as part of the quota, but now with restrictions beginning to tighten once again we have taken the decision to restrict the fields to 6 people regardless.

Also, we are now using your data for NHS test and trace. If you become unwell, you must inform the committee. We will take appropriate action and inform people (confidentially) that they may want to go and get tested. For this reason, it is imperative you book yourself in and not either just turn up or book in your friends. Everyone must book themselves in if they wish to fly.

Covid-19 Policy

Remember to visit our policy page regularly to check for updates. It is posted on the page there first and foremost. To visit, go to 

It is a club rule now to book in correctly, and to inform the committee of any symptoms.

Flying Booking Changes

You can now delete your own bookings. You may have noticed a blue icon with an ‘X’ in the middle – click this to delete. Be careful though, there is no confirmation. Once you click this button you’ll be removed. If you change your mind you’ll need to rebook.

Meet the Committee

You asked for a page to introduce ourselves, get to know us, know why got us into this hobby and a lot more. We have done this now, and you can visit the page in the Members menu or by visiting

Classified Ads

Classifieds have returned to the site. Please remember to update the listings if you have sold your items, and you must enter a price – none of this ‘tell me a price you want to pay’ stuff please!! 

Find the page in the Members menu, or by visiting


I visited Rushwick last night to put up some signs on the noticeboard and to check everything over. The noticeboard now has ‘In Case of Emergency’ information on as well as a reminder to socially distance. Soon will be the replacement of the no fly zones and the flying times, as they’re looking a little tired and outdated information.


We’re getting the new field ready, in the mean time until you hear from the Committee via email and on the website / social media please continue to use the current flying site. The current site has been sprayed with a safe and harmless chemical to turn the grass brown/black, but we are still allowed to fly on the field until it is ploughed.




Please do not reply to this email. This email is sent from an automated outbox. It is not manned, and so replies will not be seen