New Flying Field Opens!

As of Monday 21st September, the current field at Hanbury will be closed. Please use the new flying field as of Monday. 

We have spent the day today mowing and readying the new field, however beware it is a little rough. A few potholes and cracks are going to be filled over the weekend, but until it is rolled when it rains I’d recommend you all bring models with some substantial undercarriage (or hand launched). 

Linked in this email is an access route plan with a no fly zone, it can be found by clicking here

To access the field, drive up the usual entrance to the farm and enter the farmyard as you normally would. However, rather than going through the double gate and down the bumpy track, you enter the field from the farm yard. Immediately before the double gates and at the end of the barn on your left is a gate. Enter this gate and park along the back of the barn. Check the map to understand the access route more visually. 

Also, be careful when parking. There is a bit of rough ground immediately behind the barn, so don’t go parking right up to it. 

The pilot’s box is now against the runway rather than back from the runway. This was due to some testing of the site today and found it was a little hard to judge landings under certain conditions. 

Some high-vis flags are also going against the wire fence to aid in reducing fence collisions! 


Worcester Model Aero Club