Online AGM 2020 Hub Launches

The 2020 AGM Hub has launched! 

Please take this time to look around, familiarise yourself with where to go to vote and take a look at what resources are available.

To find it, log into the website and you’ll see the AGM menu appear at the top of the webpage. This is shown in a screenshot further down this email for you to see. alternatively, visit

Currently, the following is available for you to look at:
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • AGM 2019 minutes (all minutes are available permanently in the members area of the website)
  • Get to know who your current committee are for 2020
  • Read about the 2020 committee’s achievements over the last 12 months
  • Post any questions or debates for the committee on the Discussion Forum
A reminder for what is coming:
  • November 20th – Nominations to put yourself onto the elections for 2021 Committee
    • Nominations close on the 27th
  • December 2nd – Voting opens to choose your 2021 Committee
    • Voting closes December 7th
  • December 9th – Election Results @ around 9pm
  • December 10th – Renewals open on the online store

A picture below will explain this better, or visiting the webpage, but the following buttons have been created for your convenience:

Blue – Buttons leading to materials to read before the AGM voting commences

Green – To nominate yourself onto the elections (not yet open)

Red – To vote for your committee (not yet open)

The buttons remain there to show you where to go when the time comes, so we have time in the meantime to iron out any issues with anyone who can’t find where to vote!

Again, as soon as restrictions ease to allow more than 6 to meet, we will hold an EGM to have a proper meeting and a discussion. The 2021 Committee will arrange this.

If anyone has any issues at all regarding the technical aspect of this, contact Sam Booton at Any concerns that are for general committee reading, please direct these to If it is about the club and relevant for an AGM discussion, please post your comments by clicking here to be taken to the Discussion Forum.