May 17th Booking Update

Hello Everyone,

After some good news from Boris tonight, I am happy to inform you that we can now book 30 people per session per field as of May 17th!!

Evening and all day bookings shall also recommence, so you’ll have much more flexibility on when you visit the field.

You will still need to book to attend!

Coming later this week will be a revamped booking system (hopefully!), which will allow even more flexibility in your bookings and allow you to book multiple sessions per day (for example, AM and Evening if you wanted for some reason). It’ll also make it easier to see bookings, rather than a really long list if its a busy day. This will launch soon, and I’ll give out another email on that closer to the time to explain things better. For now, continue to use the current booking system – any bookings made will be migrated to the new system.

For now, it’ll only allow 6 bookings and AM or PM slots after the 17th, as the new system is due to replace this.

We are keeping the booking system for as long as test and trace is asked for by both the BMFA and the Government. This does mean we could potentially be booking for the long term, or we could suddenly see the end of the policy in June – who knows? If I had to make a guess, I’d say the Government may want to keep these systems running until we’ve seen through another winter, but hopefully not!! A small sacrifice though to have this freedom back to fly with large groups.


Sam Booton

Club Secretary and Webmaster

Worcester Model Aero Club