Good morning,

Renewals have a couple of changes this year to make paying safer, easier for you and easier for us to keep track of who’s paid. Please do read the below before going to renew. The renewals have been re-opened now I’ve completed the handover from Simon for the secretary/treasurer role.

Paying by card is now free – there is no longer a card fee attached if you choose to pay by card, no matter if it’s Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or if it’s credit or debit. We use ‘Square’ to process payments, and they’re used in retail stores all over the world so it is a totally safe way to pay. Click proceed to checkout to pay after adding to your basket.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are also now available for the additional bit of security and convenience to those who wish to use it. Buttons will appear in your basket prior to you proceeding to check out. Click either Apple or Google, depending on what phone you have, to pay. This service is also free of charge.

Bank transfer is also available, free of charge. Details will ve shown to you after you complete the purchase online, and selecting ‘Bank Transfer’ as payment method. Click proceed to checkout to pay after adding to your basket.

Cheques and cash are accepted still, but if you can possibly use bank transfer or card / mobile payment instead that would be a huge help and really appreciated. Click proceed to checkout to pay after adding to your basket.

Select your payment method on the website to pay, all options including cash are displayed on there for you when you proceed to check out.

All payment methods, even card or cheque or bank transfer, must be completed online using the store in order for your account to update. Failing to do that may result in your account mistakenly being locked.

Renewals are open until January 31st, and after this date if payment hasn’t been made you will get charged the re-joining fee of £20 – making a total of £92 to rejoin.

If you are in financial hardship because of Christmas and can’t afford this payment in this time frame, maybe you just need to wait for the next pay day, please email me in confidence at and we will endeavour to do our best to help you!

Purchase your membership from:

Please also do remember to continue to book in for your flying with this new variant emerging, and do scan the NHS posters on site if you use the NHS Covid-19 app. Currently, there are no restrictions on numbers at the moment!

Thanks everyone,

Sam Booton

Club Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster