Coronavirus Restrictions Update

Good afternoon,

Following on from last week’s Coronavirus update where all remaining restrictions have been lifted, we are pleased to announce the model club will be following the same advice.

The temporary club rules, specified flying time slots, the covid policy and the requirement to book in to fly has all come to an end. We are also no longer operating a test and trace system, or limiting anyone, in our club.

We will be keeping the booking system active on the website, as a voluntary system, due to member feedback. A lot of you liked it for a social aspect, seeing who was going down the field and deciding to book to join in. The booking system, whilst not a requirement any longer, is recommend making use of if you enjoy socially meeting up with members.

However: Please do keep an eye on emails and the website (as well as government advice), as this may change should either a new variant appear, the government plan doesn’t go as expected or the winter months later this year an reintroduction of restrictions occurs. We will keep you updated on if we need to roll back to certain restrictions and requirements.

Thank you so much to you all for bearing with the restrictions of the past two years, and for following them so brilliantly. It is hugely appreciated by your club mates, and from us on the Committee. Hopefully, these restrictions are now over for this pandemic!

Kind Regards,

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary, Treasurer & Webmaster