Club Booking System for Flying

During the pandemic it was necessary to have a mandatory booking system to comply with the law. This system has been improved by Sam, over time, and has become a very useful tool. A number of members asked for the system to be continued even after this ceased to be a legal requirement.

We are asking members to book in for every visit they make to either site for the following reasons:

(a) Knowing who was at the site allowed us to deflect an unjustified noise complaint.

(b) An attempt was made to convince our landlord that the Rushwick field was hardly used and we were about to give it up, This was followed by an attractive offer for the use of the field by a breakaway group. By showing our landlord the true usage of the field detailed by the booking system convinced him that he could ignore the competitive offer.

© The system was essential in proving that a form of bullying had been committed resulting in a member being expelled.

(d) There have been incidences in the past where gliders were being flown on a slope adjacent to our field at Rushwick: also someone had flown a jet from this site. It was difficult to prove our members were not involved. A booking system would have helped.

(e) Few people like flying alone and knowing others will be on site has encourage more members to attend. There is also a beneficial safety aspect in numbers. The social aspect has been the reason people have asked for the booking system to be kept in operation.

(f) Knowing when people use the site provides very useful data to assist in the running of the club.It has been noted that a number of members have stopped using the booking system now it is not mandatory. It is understood it is a minor inconvenience but we urge all members to book for every visit as the above are only benefits if every one has participated. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Clive Maulden

Club Secretary