Rushwick BBQ

Good morning,

We are contemplating a BBQ at Rushwick, during the second half of September, now that we have the ability to borrow a trailer to transport the BBQ equipment from Hanbury to Rushwick.

The purpose of this message is to judge the amount of members who would attend and the format of the event.

We could just provide food and drink to accompany normal flying

Simple competitions could be organised if sufficient members were interested.

The day could be for members only or could include guests.

Our concern regarding guests is the lack of any toilet facilities at Rushwick. A portable toilet could be a possibility but they can be expensive and we would need to be assured the numbers attending would justify the expense.

Your comments and ideas a would be very welcome at your earliest convenience.

Please follow the link to leave your thoughts or email us at, or speak to any of us.

Clive Maulden