Joining Worcester Model Aero Club

First of all, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to consider joining our model club, and we hope you decide we’re the club for you.

We recommend you read through this website before contacting us to make sure the sites and the club are suitable for your needs.

You can read up on any site restrictions in our flying sites page, see the benefits of our club and even see our club rules prior to joining. Visit the paying for your membership page to view current costs etc.

Flyers without an A test are welcome, but you must hold a BMFA A certificate to fly solo with no exceptions at all. If you do not have one, you can be placed with an examiner to get one or an instructor if you’re a beginner. We are an affiliated club, and this is one of our club rules so please ensure you’re happy to fly with an instructor until you have taken your A Test. Additionally, you must have a BMFA and CAA membership to be part of the club. Please visit to join and find out more.

Absolute beginners are very welcome, we have a page dedicated to training to help you. You must have a BMFA and CAA membership to be part of the club. Being trained is free of charge however you will need to check with the membership team to check if there is a waiting list. Occasionally, we have to implement waiting lists when we get busy. You will also need your own equipment, but before purchasing we recommend chatting to our instructors first once you’re in the club to make sure what you’re buying is suitable.

We are now a cashless organisation, so when you join you will be given the opportunity to pay securely online or by bank transfer. Alternatively, you can visit the field when the Treasurer is in attendance to take payment via Chip & PIN to pay by Debit/Credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

How to Join

We recommend you either fill in an application form, which can be found by clicking here, but you MUST email the Membership Secretary upon completion by clicking here. If you’d prefer to get in touch just to questions for now, you can email the membership team by clicking here.

Please allow us 3-5 working days to reply to emails, longer when it is bank holidays or national events. Please also give us some more time in December and January, due to renewals taking up some time.

Please remember to email the club membership email by clicking HERE to confirm you have submitted your request to join the club

Please note, we currently are having difficulty with Google Gmail accounts not receiving our mail, and whilst we work on this please either provide a different email address to reply to, or a mobile number we can WhatsApp you on.

You can also Facebook us or Instagram us.

What we can’t help with

We can’t help with training helicopter pilots and drone pilots who are not planning to fly or learn to fly fixed wing aircraft first. We allow them in the club with some caveats on size and flying limits etc, but you must primarily be flying fixed wing to be a member.

For drones, please visit British Drone Flyers webpage, who are a subsidiary of the BMFA. They will assist in a club to join for drones.

For helicopters, please visit the Association of Helicopter Aerosports website who are a subsidiary of the BMFA, they should be able to help with clubs.

Alternatively, ask other local clubs to see if they’ll accept non-fixed wing flyers.

We can not facilitate guest flyers unless you’re a personal guest of a member at the club. Please ask the club member you know to contact the Membership Secretary, or if you can’t get hold of them, then anyone else from the Committee. If they’re flying solo, they must have BMFA and CAA cover.