If you are already a member, contact an instructor

The skill of flying radio controlled models is not easily acquired, and you the beginner need all the help you can get. Joining this club and getting the help and support of experienced model flyers is the quickest road to success, and the cheapest!! Your success in the sport depends on you.

Beginners are not allowed to fly without supervision until they pass the BMFA ‘A’ Test. This is stipulated in the club rules.

In 2020, we introduced a ‘Provisional A Test Certificate’. The club launched this in order to allow students to practice solo when they are at the appropriate level to prepare for their ‘A’ Test. This is to be issued by your instructor if he feels you are safe and competent to fly. You will be allowed to fly solo, however you MUST have another ‘A’ certified member of the club with you for safety reasons. This does not need to be your instructor, and you do not have to be on dual control. From the date you receive this certification, you will have 8 weeks to pass a BMFA A Test. Failure to do so will mean your Provisional A Test will expire, and you’ll go back to your previous situation of having a your instructor observing you.

We have a list of members who are willing to train new pilots. when you enquire, let us know if you need training and what field you would prefer to train at. Please contact the Membership Secretary for this, who can help you coordinate with club instructors to arrange tuition at mutually convenient times.

Always Remember

  • Your instructor is only human; he can make mistakes like you and me. Don’t blame him for any mishap, which might occur during your tuition. He will teach you to the best of his ability. Always remember he is there to enjoy our hobby just like you. Make sure you and your model are ready for the days flying.
  • Ask your instructor about anything of which you are not sure.
  • You won’t learn how to fly from a book. Your Instructor and Club members are irreplaceable. Get the proper training. The length of time-spent learning depends on the individual. Some people learn faster than others, the average time from your first lesson, to going solo, is about three months; again this depends on how much time and effort you put in. But don’t worry it will all click into place eventually. Of course you will not achieve the necessary flying skills by reading about it, use these notes only as a guide. Your instructor is the most important road to success
  • If you borrow anything from fellow modelers, return the item as soon as you finish with it, if you don’t, you may find it difficult to borrow anything else later.
  • Get advice from the club, rather than the local model shop or online hobby shops.
  • You may wish to also invest in a simulator to keep up to scratch during the poor weather. Note: this is entirely optional and IS NOT a replacement for learning in the real world
  • Ask about progression. If your aim is to complete your B test one day for example, let your instructor know! It gives them an idea of what you want out of the hobby

Your first lesson

Get an instructor to check out your model and installation. Tell him of any alterations you have made on your own. The first lesson will be, 

  • Club rules 
  • The site layout, making sure you understand the site layout – especially no fly zones
  • Where to place your model in the pits
  • Your questions
  • Testing your aircraft, and if all is ok allowing you to take your first flight