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Booking Date Member Field Session
25/10/2020Michael StrainHanburyAll Day
25/10/2020George ConstandinidesHanburyAll Day
26/10/2020Roger StylesHanburyAll Day
27/10/2020Jeremy FlattHanburyAll Day
27/10/2020David EvansHanburyAll Day
27/10/2020Bryan HowesHanburyAll Day
30/10/2020Jeremy FlattHanburyAll Day
01/11/2020George ConstandinidesHanburyAll Day

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Mowing Date Field Member Comments
19/10/2020HanburyDavid EvansRolled and mowed
22/09/2020HanburyDavid EvansSteve did good job today
18/09/2020HanburyDavid EvansPreparing new field
17/09/2020HanburySam BootonMown new field with Steve Ottley and Dave Evans

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Member List
Member Membership Number BMFA Number
Alan Alderwick0008S149618
Allan Bretherton0017S219109
Andy Green0029S113063
Andy Grosvenor0030S188024
Arthur Whittall0061S137569
Barry O'Hara0041083416
Bob Fisher0024S160244
Bob Norton0040S157540
Bryan Howes0034S083412
Chris Corrin0022S045172
Clive Maulden0039S071302
Craig Boyce0016218948
Dave Palmer0043S052004
David Alcorn0007S025537
David Evans0004105611
Doug Sabin0047S195927
Francis Urbain0057S157012
Fred Bishop0013S116929
Gary Boyce0015S194575
Geoff Atkins0010S088550
George Constandinides0021S178092
Graham Hill0033S01195
Greg Hill0032S187496
Jack Pritchard0044S077216
James Ford0027S167789
Jason Marshall0038159973
Jeremy Flatt0025S013025
John Stephenson0051S209868
John Whittall0060S136250
Jonty Walkeden0058115495
Keith Sedgwick0048S206068
Keith Thompson0056S161075
Ken Bird0012S021450
Ken Humphries0035S033544
Kevin Crozier0023S048596
Lester Stenson0050S192514
Lindsay Bowen0014S060181
Mark May0064219425
Martin Round0045S073897
Martyn White0059S150363
Michael Strain0052190812
Paolo Ruzzier0046S169821
Paul Gale0028S012822
Reg Sinclair0049S051865
Rex Taylor0055014796
Richard Allsopp0009S077292
Richard Willson0062S162839
Roger Atkins0011S066866
Roger Lammas0036S178337
Roger Styles0053S016231
Sam Booton0002139522
Simon Ford0026S167788
Steve Cashmore0019S137653
Steve Hannon0031S037996
Steve Talbot0054S062795
Steven Ottley0042S208818
Tom Leonard0037S149853
Tommy Chik0020S215097
Trevor Burgess0018034696
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