WMAC needs your help!

Good morning! I have two requests for some help towards the club from you today. The first is a request for feedback on membership prices, the other is to nominate yourself for the 2024 committee as nominations are now open! 

To those who haven’t yet had chance to fill in the 2024 membership prices questionnaire to please see if you can take the time to fill it in for us! 

The link is available on your email, or WhatsApp.

If you’ve done it already, no need to do it again!  

Committee 2024: 

We have the nominations for the committee positions available for 2024, and we have two 2023 committee members deciding to not put themselves up for re-election for 2024. 

This leaves two guaranteed spaces on the committee and we’d love for you to put yourself forward! 

Of course, all positions are up for nominations, but we know some of you don’t like to apply as I’ve been told that you feel it’s “stepping on the toes of the committee who wish to continue next year”.  

However, with two empty slots anyway, now could be the time you could help make a change for the club for next year. 

We would quite like to ask one committee member, old or new, if they feel up to it to become a bit of an ‘Events Secretary’ to have the responsibility of thinking up and planning and arranging club events. Whether these be club nights, BBQs, indoor flying, anything at all! This doesn’t have to be you, but it’s worth a thought if you fancy some more club events for 2024.  

The two positions available from members that won’t be up for re-election are both Club Officers. 

The only stipulation we have for being on the committee is that you must have been a member for 12 months. If you aren’t sure if you’re quite there yet, have a word with me and I’ll let you know your eligibility.  

The link to nominate yourself is on the AGM Hub, or on WhatsApp or in the email received.

Nominations close in the evening on the 24th November. 

Best of luck to those who nominate themselves for 2024! 


Sam Booton 

Membership Secretary, Treasurer & Webmaster

Worcester Model Aero Club