Coronavirus Restrictions Update

Good afternoon, Following on from last week’s Coronavirus update where all remaining restrictions have been lifted, we are pleased to announce the model club will be following the same advice. The temporary club rules, specified flying time slots, the covid policy and the requirement to book in to fly has all come to an end.Continue reading “Coronavirus Restrictions Update”

Renewing, field unavailabilty and items for sale

Good morning, Renewals so far have been really good, and great to see the vast majority of you making use of the new card system that was asked for in 2020! Even had a good amount of members using Apple Pay and Google Pay, which is nice to see after spending ages getting it goingContinue reading “Renewing, field unavailabilty and items for sale”

Voting, Club Funds & 2022 Plans

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you’re all well, and that you’re looking forward to the festivities coming up! This is just an email to let you know about voting, and to bring some clarity the situation some have understandably become confused over regarding why we need £4,000 in our bank account.  Voting Voting will openContinue reading “Voting, Club Funds & 2022 Plans”

Flying on Sunday 6th June

Good morning, I hope you’re all enjoying the sudden change of weather over the past week! A couple of updates on the flying fields for this Sunday for you this morning… Hanbury Hanbury will be closed to members on Sunday 6th June 2021, due to a pre-arranged UKCAA event happening. As we are having to limitContinue reading “Flying on Sunday 6th June”