Updates for Royal Funeral & Mourning

Hi everyone, We are just issuing an update regarding flying during national mourning. Now we know the date of the Queen’s funeral, we will be respecting our landlord’s and neighbour’s request for privacy and peace. Therefore, the flying sites will be closed and a one day restriction of no flying will be in place forContinue reading “Updates for Royal Funeral & Mourning”

Flying during National Mourning

Good Evening, As you will all have all heard, Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away yesterday afternoon and the country is now in a state of national mourning. To ensure our neighbours and landlords can mourn in peace, we are stipulating that quiet electric models only are flown at both of our fields until furtherContinue reading “Flying during National Mourning”

Renewing, field unavailabilty and items for sale

Good morning, Renewals so far have been really good, and great to see the vast majority of you making use of the new card system that was asked for in 2020! Even had a good amount of members using Apple Pay and Google Pay, which is nice to see after spending ages getting it goingContinue reading “Renewing, field unavailabilty and items for sale”

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