Flying on Sunday 6th June

Good morning, I hope you’re all enjoying the sudden change of weather over the past week! A couple of updates on the flying fields for this Sunday for you this morning… Hanbury Hanbury will be closed to members on Sunday 6th June 2021, due to a pre-arranged UKCAA event happening. As we are having to limitContinue reading “Flying on Sunday 6th June”

Booking Services have reopened!

Good Evening Everyone! After now having confirmation from the Government that the 29th March is definitely going ahead, I am happy to be able to reopen the booking system as of 5pm tonight! The rules are similar to before, but for a refresher they are: Rule of 6 – no more than 6 per sessionContinue reading “Booking Services have reopened!”

Fields are closed during Government Lockdown

Hello everyone. Following the statement put out yesterday by the Government advising the nation that we are going into lockdown on Thursday November 5th the committee wish to make the flying club’s position clear. We have no choice but to close down our flying facilities with effect from and including Thursday November 5th. We regret havingContinue reading “Fields are closed during Government Lockdown”

Rushwick 2021: Committee Announcement

At the last AGM the committee raised concerns about the low usage of this field and the consensus of the meeting was that we should retain the site and promote its use. It was suggested we were actually two clubs and things should be done to reflect this. The Chairman and all of the committeeContinue reading “Rushwick 2021: Committee Announcement”

Rushwick Reopens – but please read before flying!

Hi all Clive has been to Rushwick today to check on the progress made by the landlord with ploughing our flying field. He reports that the entire field has now been ploughed, seeded and rolled. Job complete. There is just a small grass parking area remaining… enough for maybe two cars. In terms of flyingContinue reading “Rushwick Reopens – but please read before flying!”