Coronavirus Restrictions Update

Good afternoon, Following on from last week’s Coronavirus update where all remaining restrictions have been lifted, we are pleased to announce the model club will be following the same advice. The temporary club rules, specified flying time slots, the covid policy and the requirement to book in to fly has all come to an end.Continue reading “Coronavirus Restrictions Update”

Booking System Review

Good evening everyone, The booking system has been active for a week now tomorrow (Friday), and we have reviewed the current situation after looking at the trend of bookings. It has been decided to remove the restriction of two bookings per week. There is now no limit on pre-booking your flying sessions at all. ThisContinue reading “Booking System Review”

Booking Services have reopened!

Good Evening Everyone! After now having confirmation from the Government that the 29th March is definitely going ahead, I am happy to be able to reopen the booking system as of 5pm tonight! The rules are similar to before, but for a refresher they are: Rule of 6 – no more than 6 per sessionContinue reading “Booking Services have reopened!”

Booking System and IT Support

Good Afternoon Everyone, We are hoping the Government will still allow us to begin flying again on March 29th. In preparation for this, we have implemented a new outlook on the booking rules to make sure fairness is key. We were concerned after such a long lockdown, and winter months, there may be a bitContinue reading “Booking System and IT Support”

Government Announcement 22nd Feb

Hi Everyone, As you probably all saw, tonight we had a lockdown update from the Government and an exit strategy back to a normal life. Sadly, whilst it was what we expected, the fields will be remaining closed for the foreseeable. One glimmer of hope, however, lies within the Prime Minister’s steps towards a normalContinue reading “Government Announcement 22nd Feb”