Winter Flying Times

Hi all,

Not any changes that will really matter, but just to make you aware the evening slot has now been disabled as the nights are drawing in. You can continue to book AM, PM or All Day sessions.

These session times are now:

AM – Start of flying day until 1pm

PM – 1pm until Dusk

All day  will be reconsidered for fairness if we’re placed under restrictions on numbers for the winter, but hopefully from the positivity we’ve been hearing on the news this won’t occur this winter. The same for an hour between slots, currently with no restrictions this is not necessary at the moment.

Booking, and cancelling unused bookings, is still essential and a club rule. This will likely be the case for a little longer yet!

I’ll also be updating you on this years AGM plans and winter parking at the fields very soon, so keep an eye out for those emails.


Sam Booton

Club Secretary and Webmaster