Booking Services have reopened!

Good Evening Everyone!

After now having confirmation from the Government that the 29th March is definitely going ahead, I am happy to be able to reopen the booking system as of 5pm tonight!

The rules are similar to before, but for a refresher they are:

  • Rule of 6 – no more than 6 per session per field (including trainees and instructors)
  • AM is 9am to 1:30pm, PM is 2pm until dusk
  • Between 9am and 10am, and from 6pm onwards is 3S electric only
  • Only two pre-booked slots per 7 days
  • If on the day you wake up and there are empty slots, you may book these in addition to you pre-bookings. This could mean you could fly 7 days per week if 5 of those days had availability on the day when you woke up
  • Instructors can pre-book as many slots as they like, provided they are teaching someone on the additional slots
  • This will be reviewed weekly


Please do not book for Rushwick on MONDAY 29th MORNING. We are preparing the site with rolling and mowing during the AM slot and flying will not be possible.

After the AM slot, Rushwick is open. However, it is a little rough at the moment after the resurfacing last year settles down and would recommend hand launch only.

Happy flying, and enjoy the nice weather next week!


Sam Booton

Club Secretary and Webmaster