Booking System Review

Good evening everyone,

The booking system has been active for a week now tomorrow (Friday), and we have reviewed the current situation after looking at the trend of bookings.

It has been decided to remove the restriction of two bookings per week. There is now no limit on pre-booking your flying sessions at all. This has been done due to all but a couple of AM slots being available, and slots still being available on nearly all of the days in the PM. The initial rush thankfully wasn’t as large as anticipated, even with the perfect weather we had this week.

However, please ensure you are being fair to your other members and try to resist from large block bookings! If it is found this is occurring, we will have to look into reinstating the restriction. 

It is still only AM or PM, with no all day bookings and no evening bookings available just yet. This is always being reviewed each fortnight, and I’ll keep you updated on if there are any changes.

As before, if you have booked for an AM slot, and by midday there is enough availability for you to stay for the PM slot, you may do so but you MUST book in for PM slot whilst at the field on your phone/tablet. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stay and will have to vacate the field by 13:30. The times for AM and PM remain the same, and the restriction of no IC and a max of 3S electric between 9am and 10am and after 8pm persists. Rushwick has other limitations on IC, which are detailed on the website.

The limit of 6 per session per site also remains in place until at least May 17th.

Hope this can improve some things, and allows us to all enjoy flying a little more!


Sam Booton

Club Secretary & Webmaster