New Field Opens 1st May

Hello all,

This is news we have all waited a long time for but now it’s actually happening.

The Committee are delighted to inform you that with effect from May 1st our new field known as Goosehill Meadow which is sited at Lower Goosehill Farm near to Droitwich Spa is now ready for you to visit and begin flying at.

You will receive from Sam later tonight or tomorrow morning a map of the site plus geographical location with SAT NAV co-ordinates.. Also the map of the site highlights NO FLY ZONES to enable safety and respect for local residents to be observed.

The site is off Goosehill Lane down a private tarmac approach road signed “Private residents only” but as we rent a field there we are classed as residents.

At the end of the private road on the right there is a metal farm gate which is the access to our field.  Please note that the Landlord specifies that we drive round the edge of the field so it’s through the gate and straight ahead up to the woods, turn  left at the top and follow the edge of the woods until you arrive at the mown car park/pits area.

As was agreed and voted for at the last AGM it is now mandatory to pre book your visit to the flying fields on the club website under the heading “flying session bookings” so that other members plus yourself and the landlord can see who is on the field.

Note. If you do by any chance encounter a problem with booking system please DO NOT WhatsApp our Webmaster Sam direct but instead please message the IT SUPPORT on the website or email

This does not preclude you from going to take a look until your query has been dealt with.  The booking system is a new one and is currently being fine tuned so your patience is appreciated.

There are some overhead power lines crossing the field at one end but our runway is positioned well away from these but we need to not fly within 50 metres from them.

As you may imagine a lot of work has gone into finding and setting up this site and it is still work in progress and will take time to get the patch really smooth so please bear this in mind and maybe initially bring suitable models.

The Landlords are Mr David Ford and Mr Andrew Ford.

They are really looking forward to meeting us on this really beautiful site so please use the facility and make it all worthwhile.


Dave Evans


Worcester Model Aero Club

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