WMAC & the NHS Test and Trace App

The NHS Covid-19 Test and Trace app has launched for smartphones. 

The point of the app is to alert you if you have come into contact with anyone who is a ‘confirmed positive’ of the covid-19 virus.

To download the app, links are provided for you later in the email. Click on the correct platform (Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android) for your phone. 

To set up, it is exceptionally easy. It just asks you for your first half of your post code (e.g. WR9). It then asks for permission to access your bluetooth etc and you just need to grant ‘Yes’ or ‘Allow’ to all prompts. Then that’s it, all set up!! You can now scan and check in anywhere – pubs, restaurants, shops, and our fields.

To use this feature, we have installed very large QR codes at the sites in order to ‘check in’ once you arrive. This data is sent securely to the NHS anonymously. 

QR Code Locations

At Hanbury, it is on the gatepost as you pull in so you can wind down your window and scan. Rushwick, it is on the notice board ready for when the site is reopened. 

How to use

To scan the code, simply open the NHS Covid-19 app on your phone. Tap ‘Venue Check In’ and position the frame within the app to cover the QR code. The screen will then say ‘Successful Check In’ and you’re all done. 

This would need to be done each time you visit a field.

To check in, select ‘venue check in’ (circled), then aim the QR code in the viewfinder and you’ll get a confirmation

Do I have to?

We would urge you to please do this, it only takes a moment to set up the app and a split second to scan to check into the sites. If you go out to pubs you will need to do this anyway. The app gave the post code near to Hanbury as ‘medium risk’ as opposed to ‘low risk’, so it would be useful to sign up to with the second wave coming soon.

The only places where it is law to do this is hospitality venues such as pubs and bars and restaurants. BUT, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it! Many industries and organisations were implementing this system far sooner than when the law came about last week. It helps the NHS, it can save lives by helping to protect you and those around you. It also helps the country keep track of the progression of the virus. With a second wave, this is really important every organisation does what it can to help.

Where can I download it?

Click the links below relevant for your phone:

Apple (iPhone only) devices (requires iOS 13.5+): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/nhs-covid-19/id1520427663

Android/Google devices (requires Android 6.0+): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.nhs.covid19.production&gl=GB

Is it safe?

Yes. It is built on standards created by your phone’s Operating System company. Apple and Google worked together to ensure maximum function and maximum security by creating an API for the app to use. Your date is safe and anonymous. You do not enter any personal information when you set up the app.


Please still book in to fly on our website and please delete any unwanted bookings. This is a club rule. NHS Test and Trace does not replace this system, it further enhances it.

App Information