New Hanbury Flying Site

A message from the Chairman:

The committee, with great regret, have to make the following announcement.

The committee wish to inform you all that as from Mid September (final date to be advised) we will no longer have access to our current flying field at Hanbury. Our landlords currently lease our field to another farmer for sheep grazing, but that farmer has made the decision to cease sheep farming because it is now uneconomical. Therefore our farmer/landlord has agreed to allowing the field to be ploughed for crops in order to make the field viable .

We have until around Mid September before final cut off.

HOWEVER ALL IS NOT LOST dear friends. Dave and Dianne our landlords do not wish to see us go from their farm as we have such a good track record there for the last 18 years and have built up an excellent working relationship with them so they have offered us the adjacent field sited behind the hedge by the current car park.

That field has some advantages over the current field. Such as better access, some shade in Summer, exclusivity to us. no trees etc.

Within just 48 hours of being told this news last Sunday August 23 the committee have conducted a survey of the new field with the farmer, identified the optimal runway position and mowed an 80 metre x 20 metre runway, plus pits area and pilot box.

Also  the farmer is currently constructing a very convenient car access into the field directly from the concrete area at the barns and will reduce the hedge height by 50%.  No more driving down that rough track. and the views are spectacular!!

The committee, along with David the landlord are doing all the prep work now so as to ensure a smooth changeover when cut off day arrives. I personally believe this could be a very good move. Yes we put a lot of effort into making the current field one of the best model flying sites in the midlands.

We can do it again!!