Online AGM 2020 Hub Launches

The 2020 AGM Hub has launched! 

Please take this time to look around, familiarise yourself with where to go to vote and take a look at what resources are available.

To find it, log into the website and you’ll see the AGM menu appear at the top of the webpage. This is shown in a screenshot further down this email for you to see. alternatively, visit

Currently, the following is available for you to look at:
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • AGM 2019 minutes (all minutes are available permanently in the members area of the website)
  • Get to know who your current committee are for 2020
  • Read about the 2020 committee’s achievements over the last 12 months
  • Post any questions or debates for the committee on the Discussion Forum
A reminder for what is coming:
  • November 20th – Nominations to put yourself onto the elections for 2021 Committee
    • Nominations close on the 27th
  • December 2nd – Voting opens to choose your 2021 Committee
    • Voting closes December 7th
  • December 9th – Election Results @ around 9pm
  • December 10th – Renewals open on the online store

A picture below will explain this better, or visiting the webpage, but the following buttons have been created for your convenience:

Blue – Buttons leading to materials to read before the AGM voting commences

Green – To nominate yourself onto the elections (not yet open)

Red – To vote for your committee (not yet open)

The buttons remain there to show you where to go when the time comes, so we have time in the meantime to iron out any issues with anyone who can’t find where to vote!

Again, as soon as restrictions ease to allow more than 6 to meet, we will hold an EGM to have a proper meeting and a discussion. The 2021 Committee will arrange this.

If anyone has any issues at all regarding the technical aspect of this, contact Sam Booton at Any concerns that are for general committee reading, please direct these to If it is about the club and relevant for an AGM discussion, please post your comments by clicking here to be taken to the Discussion Forum.

The Online 2020 AGM

Good afternoon,

I am writing to you to update you on what happened at our committee meeting last night regarding the AGM for 2020.

Originally, it was due to be held on the 9th December at the Barboune ex-serviceman’s club.

This year, with the pandemic changing all our lives at the moment, the decision was made to have an online only ‘AGM’ and are not going forward with the meeting at Barbourne. This is due to the current restrictions imposed of no more than 6 people meeting post-lockdown.

This will all be run on the website, and during this email I’ll explain how it’ll work, the timeline for what is happening and how you can access what is being called the ‘AGM 2020 Hub’ on the website.

We explored several options, such as Zoom and holding an AGM later in 2021, but it was decided this was not the best way to go forward. Zoom relies on all members having access to the correct technology and knowing how it works, and the free version also has a 40 minute limit on the service for a call. An AGM in the first quarter or first half of 2021 still remains as probably unlikely to go ahead due to likely continuing restrictions into 2021, putting us in the same predicament as we’re already in right now.

Therefore, for 2020, the AGM will take place online. You will be able to nominate yourself to be on the election for Committee 2021, vote for your 2021 Committee and vote for other club matters. You will also be able to read the AGM 2019 minutes, the Treasurer’s report, the Chairman’s report and the results of the votes will also be made available online in the hub.

The AGM 2020 Hub

Here you’ll find everything you need. Nomination forms, reports from the chairman and treasurer, the link to place your vote, results – everything you need for the AGM.

It won’t all be visible straight away, and in the next section below you’ll read more into this.

You’ll find the hub here when it launches (20/11/2020):

The key dates for your diary are as follows:

November 17th – The AGM hub will open online, making available the 2019 minutes and the nominations to put yourselves forward to be on the election for 2021 committee.It’ll appear as a menu all of it’s own once you are logged in at the top of the website (or, on a mobile device if you press the blue menu button, at the bottom of the list).

November 17th – Chairman and Treasurer reports will go live.

November 20th – 27th – Nominations open to put yourself onto the Committee 2021 vote. This must be done by November 27th, otherwise you will not be able to add yourself onto the election. The nominations will open at 9am on November 20th, and close at 6pm on November 27th.

December 2nd – 9th – VOTING OPENS – You may vote for your 2021 Committee, and any other business held in the voting form. Voting will open at 9am on December 2nd, and close at 8pm on the 9th (the day the AGM would have been held originally).

December 9th at around 9pm – Results will be sent out to members via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and the website on both the news page and the hub.

December 10th – After the fees are confirmed from the online AGM and the website is updated, renewals will open for your 2021 membership.

Any members who do not have an email address logged with us will have all of the forms and reports posted out around the 13th November. These must be posted back within the same timeframes as above to ensure any nominations or votes are counted. Arrangements for them to renew memberships not via the website will also be arranged.

How will the voting work?

It’ll work exactly the same as the merchandise survey I just sent out to you all. You’ll click a link, select your answers, and submit. You must complete all sections with a red asterisk (*) next to them or you will not able to proceed to the next page.

Note: you will not be able to change your vote once you submit, or place a second vote so please carefully select your answers prior to submission!

As the entire membership will be voting for any nominations for the 2021 committee, for this year we do not need to worry about being proposed or seconded. The entire membership voting will cover this part of the vote by default.

What about a discussion that we usually have at an AGM, will we all meet still?

Discussions obviously won’t work with the meeting being online only. We have thought about this, and if anyone has ANY questions to please ask them in the AGM 2020 Discussion forum thread found in the Club Forum’s section of our website (found in the Member’s Menu when you’ve logged in). We will respond as soon as we can, and the thread will be monitored to ensure all questions are responded to.

The forum is the place to have a recorded discussion regarding the AGM 2020. Any comments in WhatsApp will need to put in the forum instead. It must be posted in the forum only if you wish for them to be addressed for the AGM. We can not easily minute what is going on in WhatsApp is the reason for this.

The link for this thread is:

Please consider clicking ‘subscribe’ on the top right of the forum to be notified by email to new replies and discussion.

We are also going to plan an EGM for a proper meeting during 2021, should the restrictions ease to allow it to happen.

What do we vote for?

The items in the voting form are as follows:

  • 2021 Committee Election
    Asking if you have read the reports, if you agree with them and for any comments you may have 
  • Club matters (such as fees, AOB etc)
    • For this section we have implemented a new vote. We are asking you to type in the name of a club member, committee or non-committee, who you feel has gone above and beyond for their club for 2020. You will then need to type your reason for this selection. This will then be acknowledged, amongst everyone else who was also suggested, in an email to the club with the winner being especially noted.

Renewals are changing

Renewing is also changing, both for your convenience and also for the future going forward to make the secretary and webmaster role a little easier.

You will now have to renew online. This will be via the member’s online shop, found in the Member’s Menu, or from the link below:

You can pay by all methods, even though it is online only. If you are paying by:

Credit/Debit Card – there is an additional fee of 1.4% for card payments only to cover costs inflicted upon us by the service we use. Once you have paid, you do not need to do anything else.

Bank Transfer – no additional fees. Process the order online, selecting bank transfer as your payment method and confirm. Once you have confirmed, you will need to email Simon Ford ( that you have processed your order online. Please confirm in your email your reference number from your email invoice from us. When you transfer the money, in the reference box in your online banking transfer page, enter your invoice number and your name.

Cash – no additional fees. Process the order online, selecting cash as your payment method and confirm. Once you have confirmed, you will need to email Simon Ford ( that you have processed your order online. Please confirm in your email your reference number from your email invoice from us.

Cheque – no additional fees. Process the order online, selecting cheque as your payment method and confirm. Once you have confirmed, you will need to email Simon Ford ( that you have processed your order online. Please confirm in your email your reference number from your email invoice from us, and please also write this on the BACK of your cheque.

The online store will tell you this information again, and will provide bank details if you choose bank transfer option. The online store is very secure if you wish to pay by card.

The reason we are doing this is to make use of the new website functions – after you process your order online, and payment is authorised, your account will auto-renew and update your payment date. This saves either myself or Simon going through manually doing it for all our members and deactivating members who have left. You also get to pay online with credit/debit card, and have a receipt from all of your payment methods.

If anyone struggles, please contact myself on and I will process it for you online (not card payments though due to GDPR).

The stock of the online store will replenish on the 10th December, allowing you to add your renewal to your cart and purchase online.

If anyone does not have internet access, we can arrange an alternative way to renew.

That’s it…

That’s just about everything! If anyone has any issues with any of this, please email me at

I can help with both the website or IT issue you may face, but also as a committee member I can help with other questions you may have regarding this. If it is more appropriate, feel free to also email or speak to the other committee members. They are:

  • Dave Evans (Chairman)
  • Simon Ford (Treasurer & Membership Secretary)
  • James Ford (Club Secretary)
  • Sam Booton (Webmaster and IT & Club Officer)
  • Clive Maulden (Club Officer)
  • Jeremy Flatt (Club Officer)
  • Bryan Howes (Club Officer)

Fields are closed during Government Lockdown

Hello everyone.

Following the statement put out yesterday by the Government advising the nation that we are going into lockdown on Thursday November 5th the committee wish to make the flying club’s position clear.

We have no choice but to close down our flying facilities with effect from and including Thursday November 5th.

We regret having to take this action but as Golf clubs, Archery, Horse riding etc must close down then as an outdoor activity we fall into that group.

As this is only for the next four weeks I am sure you can find other things to do (building a model maybe).

Stay safe


WMAC Committee

October 2020 Newsletter

Hello everyone

Just thought it would be good to chat about the new field at Hanbury.. and the “new” field at Rushwick. Lets remind ourselves how fortunate we are as a Model Aircraft club in these abnormal Covid 19 pandemic times.

First Hanbury:  

As you all know quite unexpectedly in September the landlord announced a change of flying field for us.  We responded immediately and in short order a replacement field was seamlessly created.  Now up and running with no difficulties experienced .

It has to be said that all this was only made possible because some keen members pitched in and did their bit.

Thanks to Steve Ottley, Bryan Howes, Jeremy Flatt for giving their time mowing the patch,  the pits  and the car park.  Many thanks to Clive Maulden for making and installing a superb club notice board which he has donated free of charge.. Thanks to Bryan Howes for donating a windsock free of charge, Thanks to Sam Booton for his input with making Covid 19 signs and adapting the new website he recently created for us to suit the changing conditions.

Last but not least our landlord David who created a brand new field entrance, rolled the runway several times filled any large holes, and put Hi Viz material on the fence at end of runway.  We are fortunate indeed to have such support from both landlords in these abnormal times,  giving us the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and play with our toys!!

And to Rushwick..

Our landlord Matt has demonstrated his loyalty to our 18 years of tenancy of our Flying club by re seeding the field… and supporting our club by refusing to accept a financial offer from some members past and present who feel that their interests are above those of the other 50+ members of Worcester Model Aero Club. Good for him. We salute you Matt.

This field will be developed in the Spring so please watch this space.

So whatever is thrown at us we as a club will prevail…. just as we have already many times in the Club’s  111 years history.

Thanks for your support


Parking at Hanbury

After all the rain this week the car park at Hanbury flying field could well be soaked and slippery – even for 4 wheel drive.

Suggest you initially park on the concrete and go and have have a look at grass to see what its like before committing.

Also the farmer has suggested that rather than risk spinning wheels and getting stuck and messing up the grass we roll down to the lower gate and exit up the track.

If in doubt leave your vehicle on the concrete and walk round the corner with your stuff.

Flying Times Update & Hanbury Noticeboard

Good Evening,

A couple of updates for you with regards to the new flying times for sessions over the winter, and a new noticeboard at Hanbury.

Flying Times

The flying times will be changing as of Sunday 25th October until further notice. The new time will be ALL DAY ONLY, which will cover from 10:00am to dusk. 

You may continue to book AM and PM slots up until Saturday 24th October, but please do not book these slot types for Sunday 25th onwards. They will be deleted otherwise! As of Sunday morning, the options on the website will be removed to book AM or PM – they will remain in place for now to allow bookings prior to the 25th to continue as normal.

Hanbury Notice Board

Clive has made an excellent job at building us a notice board for the Hanbury site! On there will be all the information before, such as flying times and no fly zones, but additionally you’ll find club rules and a for sale section. 

Additionally, as well as the NHS Test and Trace poster being on the gate post for a ‘drive through’ type scan you’ll also find it on the notice board from some time next week. 

Photos below!

Share contact details amongst members

So a few of you asked for shared contact details so other members could contact one another. 

This has now been implemented on a page called ‘Contact a Member’, which is located in the member’s menu once you’re logged in. It’s URL is

To add yourself to this list, you will need to do the following:

  1. Log in
  2. Click ‘My Details’ in the members menu
  3. Click the gear cog icon on the right side of your profile, just below your cover photo of the field
  4. Click ‘Edit Profile’
  5. On the third column (far right) at the very bottom, select ‘Opted In’ under the heading of ‘Share email address on contact page’.
  6. Click the the big blue ‘Update Profile’ button

Your email address, and only your email address, will be added to the contact page. Only current members can view this information and only when they’re logged in – previous members and non-members cannot view this information. Also, only your email address is displayed, no other information. 

Anyone needs any help, or this being done for them if you’re struggling, let me know!

Rushwick 2021: Committee Announcement

At the last AGM the committee raised concerns about the low usage of this field and the consensus of the meeting was that we should retain the site and promote its use. It was suggested we were actually two clubs and things should be done to reflect this. The Chairman and all of the committee firmly stated we are one club with two fields. As flying fields are very difficult to find we should do all we can to retain both fields.

Plans to promote the site, and improve it, have not been possible due to the pandemic. The river grass clumps that have infected the field also thwarted attempts to widen the strip. However, at our landlords suggestion, the field has been ploughed and re-seeded in order to allow him to properly maintained the grass. This gives us the opportunity to adjust the size and location of our runway without the river grass clumps that have damaged some models. We hope members will agree this short term inconvenience will bring longer term benefits.  

Very recently our landlord has received an offer to rent the field from an ex club member who stated that due to low usage the club was probably going to give up the site, this was not the first time this had been suggested to him, the offer contained a sum that was about 50% more than we currently pay and indicated it was supported by around 25 people . Our landlord was obviously concerned we may not need his field in the future, particularly as he has enjoyed excellent relations with the club for nearly twenty years. We have assured him of our ongoing commitment but that we were unlikely to match the offer he has received. He has agreed to accept the same payment as this year in order to maintain our relationship; to show good faith, and prevent any further competing offers, we offered to pay him for 2021 in October rather than December. A modest concession considering the financial inducement he received.

It is disappointing that some of those supporting the competing offer may be existing club members who are prepared to damage our club by reducing its assets.



Acceptable Use of the Booking System

Good Afternoon,

I apologise for sounding like a broken record on the below email, but I’m having emails and WhatsApp chats complaining to me about the lack of available bookings, and no shows to the field. After being asked by several members to please send out a firm but a friendly reminder on the policy, I decided to send it. I hope to alleviate some of your, and my, frustrations!

The vast number of members are doing this perfectly, and to them, thank you so much and please do ignore what I have to say in this email. However, it has been brought to my attention that despite many reminders and the booking page being littered with reminders on this, some people are still not listening to a very basic request.

To make it abundantly clear:

  • You must book before visiting a field
  • You must attend your booking
  • You must cancel your booking if it is not required 

Cancelling is a requirement. 

It does not matter if it is pouring with rain, it does not matter if it is blowing a gale, it does not matter if it is obvious no one would be flying today. You must cancel the booking.

You cancel by clicking the blue trash (bin) icon next to your name. This is also stated on the actual web page.

Failing to do either of these three things is a failure to follow basic club rules. As you’ll know from when you joined the club, failing to comply with rules can result in disciplinary action being taken. Please do not risk opening yourselves up to this over something so simple!

It is imperative this is done, it also assists in test and trace to help protect you and others around you. 

It is, and I don’t feel this needs to be said as it is very obvious but I will anyway, arguably selfish to your fellow members to not cancel bookings when other members want to fly. Especially all day bookings.

When you have cancelled your booking, as Steve suggested on WhatsApp, it’d be a nice idea to tell people you’ve cancelled in case anyone else wants to book. I see a couple have started this, and that’s excellent! A very good idea.

What I’m asking for here is very simple, and it’d save me a load of time having to manually delete unused bookings. I have had several now in the past week… 

If anyone struggles with the booking system… the lay out of it and the rationale behind it is the same as the previous site. Furthermore, basic instructions are on the website if people could just read them. They’re in the booking page, listed under a heading called ‘Booking Page Guidance’ to make it as simple and as obvious as possible.

If any more help is needed, email me, please – do not just ignore the club rules. This is the final time I’ll remind you all, after this, automated messages will be sent to repeat ‘no show’ bookings and are also now being logged by the server and each no show will be looked into.

If anyone has any concerns with covid rules not being obeyed or feel anything can be done better, please let me or the rest of the committee know! 

Remember to keep checking for new restrictions, whether that be increased or decreased measures, at

So please, take a minute or so to log in and click that little blue dustbin!



Rushwick Reopens – but please read before flying!

Hi all

Clive has been to Rushwick today to check on the progress made by the landlord with ploughing our flying field.

He reports that the entire field has now been ploughed, seeded and rolled. Job complete.

There is just a small grass parking area remaining… enough for maybe two cars.

In terms of flying there… Well it’s possibly ok for lightweight hand launched foamies but there are tractor tyre ruts all over so not good. We suggest you go and see for yourselves. Fly if you can as the field is NOT now closed for flying despite mis-information to the contrary being put out by one or two dissenters.

Please note it is the farmer’s decision entirely to re-furbish the field, not the club’s decision and we are simply responding in the interest of all members.

Should be a nice field for next year.